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The gaming club for people with day jobs.
Too busy for bad vibes? Make every game awesome, with teams you can trust.
This is gaming at its best.
We're playing the best free to play games with good comms and friendly teams every single time.
We host casual events for every major F2P game with no griefers, no jerks, no creeps.

Whatever you play, it’s better on Haven :)
Newbie? Casual player?
upcoming drop-in sessions
Here’s why to play on Haven...
Because gaming with friends is ridiculously fun. But what's not fun?

awkward silence | zero teamwork | aggressive criticism | hate speech | sexual harassment | griefing | mysterious AFKs | random yelling | attention seeking children
If you've gamed online, you've seen all that and worse. But your free time is precious now. It just isn't worth the hassle.

So you exit out. Better to replay something single player... or just let your gaming PC sit there collecting dust.

But there's another option: Come game like a grownup.

We’re online every week playing your favorite games. Good comms, good vibes, good times.

And we'd love you to join.
What skill levels are allowed?
Haven is for folks who don’t have time to game all day. High rank players are welcome, but not expected or prioritized.
How do you deal with toxic players?
Forget toxic. At Haven, we act like reasonable adults in a casual social situation. The code of conduct is “read the room and accept feedback.”

If a friendly “hey, cut that out” doesn’t work to rein in someone’s unwanted behavior, Haven is not the place for them. Their membership will be suspended.